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With its upbeat festive performing arts traditions, Nepali artistry is emerging as a new and fascinating addition to America's world music and dance landscape. Formerly The Raj Kapoor Ensemble, DTON has been performing in the US since 1996. As a non-profit organization, DTON is devoted to the instruction, presentation and preservation of Nepali performing arts in America and abroad. Home to Mt. Everest and birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal is a small South Asian country bordering India and Tibet. Uniquely situated, it has some of the most diverse topography on earth, which is reflected by the many regional and ethnic groups that make up Nepali society. The historical Gaine are well known for their folk song heritage while the Maithali are the largest of the regional groups. Both Hindu and Buddhist, Nepali communities in Nepal and America include: Sherpa, Mustang, Newari, Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Thakali, Rai, Limbus, Chhetri and many others- each with their own customs, music and dance traditions. The heritage of Nepali performing arts includes both classical and folk traditions. The ancient classical dances of Charya Nritya, or dance as a spiritual discipline are meditative in nature and are intended to develop the awareness of the dancer. Festivals in Nepal continue year round and are celebrated in villages and the bigger towns of Kathmandu. Music and dance continue to be a timeless part of everyday life and often highlight such themes as courtship, marriage, planting and harvest cycles. Special occasions include holidays such as New Years and Vijaya Dashami- Nepal's most popular Autumn festival. Known for their gentle ways, keen intuition and friendly hospitality, Nepalis continue to welcome travelers and visitors to their lovely land..

Dance Theater of Nepal Performances
4-A Salon, Asian American Arts Alliance NYC.
Tibet Fairs, NYC
United Nations and Ganesh Temple, NY (gov't receptions)
Princeton University NJ
The Smithsonian Washington DC
WMI at Symphony Space NYC
American Museum of Natural History NYC
Harlem School of the Arts, NYC
Boston Museum of Science, MA
Royal Nepal Embassy, Washington DC
Columbia University, NYC
Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC
DiversCity Festival, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center NYC
Nepali community programs for Sherpa, Newari, Tamang, Mustang communities NYC,
Nepali Organizations; ANA Annual Conventions/events George Mason Univ, VA, Atlanta, Boston, NC, DC, NY.
Nepali Friendship Society, FNA, NYC
92nd street YMHA NYC
Swarthmore College PA
Lotus Music and Dance NYC

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